God of New Beginnings: “Looking Back…and Forward”


Fellow Wordzpreadians (yes, this is a word I’ve created and who knows? It may be in the dictionary one day… 🙂 thank you for joining me on the ride through the God of New Beginnings series, including embedded devotionals.

I’d love to get your feedback on any special learning point(s) you drew from the messages. For my part, I’m walking away with a stronger than ever conviction that God is in absolute and total control of any and everything. It doesn’t matter how dire the situation looks or how awful I feel inside. The same God who raised the valley of dry bones can always breathe new life into anything I bring Him.

But what about all those mistakes I made which contributed to this quagmire that’s holding me captive? I’m glad you asked! The God of new life is also the God of Amazing Grace, who loves each one of us much more than we could ever comprehend. Regardless of how badly we mess up, He does not look at us with disgust. On the contrary, He views us with everlasting love and unfailing kindness. He knows our frame (for He has walked in it), and is ever riding the heavens to help us – underneath are His everlasting arms.

God does not condemn us, and nothing can separate us from His love. But we can allow our view of Him to be obscured by doubt and fear – especially when we don’t understand what He’s doing or His timing. To that, I say we take a page from the book of the newly liberated Judean captives and hold on to His word. As we make it our center and core, God promises to reveal Himself to us in a whole new way – one which forces anxiety and fear to take a back seat.

Did you all get the same messages from the series, or was it just me? Do let me know! And while you’re at it, I welcome your suggestions for the next topic(s) to wordzpread through…(see? It’s catching on! 🙂

Be blessed!


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2 thoughts on “God of New Beginnings: “Looking Back…and Forward”

  1. Michael

    As a fellow Wordzpreadian:) I enjoy the ideas and how they are expressed. It gives a different perspective and I appreciate that. As a suggestion for a future topic, I would recommend something relating to Jesus calming the storm. He calmed the storm with the disciples in the boat and He does the same for His children today. God bless!


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