God of New Beginnings: “Looking Back…and Forward”

Fellow Wordzpreadians (yes, this is a word I’ve created and who knows? It may be in the dictionary one day… 🙂 thank you for joining me on the ride through the God of New Beginnings series, including embedded devotionals. I’d love to get your feedback on any special learning point(s) you drew from the messages. … Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “Looking Back…and Forward”

**Devotional – John’s Struggle**

  Read: Luke 7:18-28 “Doesn’t he know I’m here?” John wondered. “Does he even care?” He’d tried calming the growing anxiety in his followers’ faces. Yet he too was running out of excuses. The unspoken question remained unanswered: why wouldn’t his famous cousin save him? Reports spread of Jesus’ miraculous works throughout the region. But … Continue reading **Devotional – John’s Struggle**

God of New Beginnings: “The Ultimate Reset”

I recently listened to a sermon where the preacher relived his memories of playing video games as a boy. Whenever a game wasn’t going someone’s way, he said, all they had to do was dive for the reset button. And just like that, the playing field was even again. Wouldn’t it be great if life … Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “The Ultimate Reset”

God of New Beginnings: “A People Reborn”

In a stunning fulfillment of prophecy declared 150 years earlier by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 44:28), King Cyrus of Persia proclaimed that God’ people (now broadly known as Jews) should return to their homeland and rebuild God’s temple (Ezra 1:1-4). So up went the tribal leaders, priests and Levites who felt God’s urging to execute … Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “A People Reborn”

**Devotional – Hope Awakening**

Read: Ezekiel 37   “He asked me, ‘Son of man, can these bones live?’” (Ezekiel 37:3a) The question caught Ezekiel off guard. For a moment, his mind wandered back to his very first vision of God. Then, he had seen the heavens opened and had caught a glimpse of God and the awesome majesty of his … Continue reading **Devotional – Hope Awakening**

God of New Beginnings: “Foreshadowing Easter”

Daniel served prominently in the Babylonian court for decades, gaining the favor of one king after the other. Eventually, his counterparts got fed up - Daniel’s exceptional qualities were making the rest of them look bad. Seeing no other way to trip him up, a bold plan was hatched to attack him on the subject … Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “Foreshadowing Easter”