**Devotional – All I Ever Did**


Read John 4: 1-30

There was something about his eyes, the way he looked at her. It was unsettling. She thought she knew all about men, understood how they thought. But this was different. “Go and call your husband,” he said. She hesitated, eyes lowered. “I have none.” He nodded. ““True. You’ve had five…and the one you live with now isn’t one of them.” (John 4:16-18)

Her body tensed defiantly. “Since you know so much, prophet, tell me this. Is God’s chosen place of worship here or in Jerusalem?” (John 4:19-20) Her eyes flashed up to meet his, ready to tackle the judgment surely waiting. What she saw took her breath away. A raging passion matched only by the words washing over her in love. He said, “The Father is seeking worshipers in spirit and truth,” (John 4:23) and she heard, “the Father is seeking you.”

Her battered heart leapt for joy – it didn’t matter; it never had! What she’d done, where she’d been – her fruitless search for God’s hiding place. He’d been there all along, pursuing her, waiting for her to see Him. Her water pot forgotten, she ran into the city. The words burst out, a testimony that wouldn’t be held back. “Come and see a Man who told me all I ever did…!” He knew her past, and he still wanted to give her a future.

Jesus gave himself to save us. There is no greater love, no greater offering to be made. He went to the cross so that we might have a chance at life with him. This love, freely given, cannot be earned. But it must be accepted. Jesus knows all you’ve ever done…everything…and he loves and wants you anyway. In the immortal words of Chris Tomlin, “Jesus, He loves me; He loves me, He is for me! Jesus, how can it be? He loves me; He is for me!”

Amen!! May we truly know the warmth and passion of His love this week and always.

Be blessed,


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