Submissions Welcome!

Hello fellow Wordzpreadians!

Do you or someone you know have a great faith based story targeted towards children of all ages? Or do you have a great illustration that you’d like to see paired up with a narrative?

If yes, please feel free to send them through for posting on Wordzpread.

In keeping with the Wordzpread mandate to share the good message of Jesus Christ one story at a time, I am now opening the site up to submissions.

I look forward to partnering with you!

Be blessed,


10 thoughts on “Submissions Welcome!

  1. lovesetfree3

    😃 How about a word illustration narrative on the blessings of SPEAKING LIFE
    over people, places and things.

      1. CeCe

        ::Hi Remi::

        I believe I lean more to poetic or lyrical style of writing.

        Would that be an acceptable format here at wordzpread? 🤔

        ::Peace & Love:: 🕊💜🎵

        🙂 CeCe

      2. CeCe

        Alright! Thanks! WooHoo… 👐

        I’ll be putting pen to paper then! ✒

        ::Amen:: 🕊❤💯

    1. Do you mean as part of your written submission? If so, yes! I just need you to attribute to the source. However, if your illustration is a stand alone work, then it needs to be original, please ☺️

  2. lovesetfree3

    ::Good Day Remi::

    Peace & Blessings in Christ Jesus 🙂

    Please tell me the process for a Wordzpread submission.

    1 written original & 1 online photo is happily ready for sharing.

    Thanks <3

    1. Wonderful – thank you, lovesetfree! Please e-mail your submission to Please also include the name you’d like to see reflected on the page once posted. Just a note that there may be some edits once I review your material. Thanks again; I look forward to receiving your submission!

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