Lord, Heal Our Land! Part 4

A prayer for deliverance and healing inspired by Solomon’s prayer and God’s response in 2 Chronicles 6:12 -7:16

Lord God of all creation, there is no God in heaven or on earth like you, who fulfills your word to those who walk before you in sincerity and faith. You are the God who does not lie; your word does not return to you void. As you speak, so you do. You gave the rainbow as a sign of your covenant never again to destroy the earth by water, and we revel in its beauty even today. Now, O Lord God listen to the cry and prayer of your people – send forth your word and heal the nations; save us from COVID-19’s destruction.

Almighty Father, may the prayers of your children rise up as sweet incense and be pleasing unto you. Hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. Cause your light to pierce the darkness of plague and sickness, O God. In the midst of grief, turn hearts back to you that in unity we may seek your face and find a deeper revelation of you.

By faith, we declare that we who are called by God’s name will humble ourselves, pray and seek His face as we turn away from wickedness. And He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land. God’s eyes will be open and His ears attentive to our prayers, for He has called, chosen and sanctified us to be a royal priesthood, one who bears His name forever. His kingdom will come; His will be done on earth as it is in heaven to the glory of His Name.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Lord, Heal Our Land! Part 4

  1. Linda hodel

    Greetings in Jesus, Remi. I was disappointed you used MLK as a reference for a Godly example, as he had a mistress and other women in his life and was NOT an overcomer for Jesus. He was awesome for helping black people in getting freedom and rights and equality, but in no way did he demonstrate a true converted life in the Lord Jesus.


    1. Hello Linda, thank you so much for reaching out. All I really know about MLK is his fight for justice and that he had a relationship with Jesus. That is actually the essence of what the devotional is based on. As for anything else, only God really knows what is in the heart of a man; but he showers grace and mercy on us all equally.

      Be blessed,


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