Meet Remi

Welcome to Wordzpread Words of Life! I am a Christian author/blogger, digital content writer, editor, proofreader, site content auditor and chatbot scriptwriter with a background in Accounting and Business Process Management.

On this site, we will dive deep into exploring the words of life contained in God’s word. Too often we associate the Bible with some dust covered, leather bound tome banished to the nether regions of a bookcase and unearthed only for certain occasions, like maybe a wedding, christening or a funeral. Or worse still, a collection of rules designed to make us feel bad about ourselves. And so to make it all better, we choose to believe that it is outdated and has no relevance to life as we know it today.

But The Word of God is described as life, a fire and a hammer, living and powerful, the sword of the Spirit, inspired by God and even as God Himself. What jumps out in all of this is that it is alive. It’s not just words on a page – it is versatile, beyond our comprehension, bottomless…in a word, the Bible contains words of life.

If we can’t see God’s word for what it truly is, how can we ever know God?

Join me on this journey to explore the wonderful adventure of God’s words of life as children seeking our Father, the greatest Author of all.

Check out my blog for bible inspired content, or reach out using the form below or the contact page. I look forward to connecting!