**Devotional – John’s Struggle**


Read: Luke 7:18-28

“Doesn’t he know I’m here?” John wondered. “Does he even care?” He’d tried calming the growing anxiety in his followers’ faces. Yet he too was running out of excuses. The unspoken question remained unanswered: why wouldn’t his famous cousin save him? Reports spread of Jesus’ miraculous works throughout the region. But John’s prison sentence stretched from days to weeks, and still Jesus didn’t come.

Finally, in a fit of doubt and despair, John sent his disciples to inquire. Was Jesus the Expected One, or should they look for another? (Luke 7:19) In response, Jesus told them to report all that they had seen. The blind saw, the lame walked and the dead were brought to life. Then he added something else – “Blessed is he who does not take offense at me.” (Luke 7:23)

John had enough scripture memorized to connect the dots of fulfilled prophecy. He knew the answer before he asked the question. But he was offended that Jesus didn’t stand up for him. At least, not in the way he expected.

Do you get mad at God when He doesn’t respond the way you plan, hope or believe? I know I do. I impose my expectations on God as rights, and then sulk when they don’t materialize. But I’m learning that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than mine, so I can’t always grasp the intimate details He’s working out. Instead, I must learn to trust that His plans and purposes for me are good and way better than anything I could have hoped or thought.

Despite his doubts, John remained faithful. He was ultimately beheaded, but not before Jesus stated that none greater than John had ever lived among those born of women. (Luke 7:28) Imagine what awaited him in glory. Imagine what awaits us as we learn to hold on to God in faith.


Do you find it difficult surrendering to God’s will when you don’t understand the full picture? What steps can you take to seek God’s perspective on a challenging situation?

Read Hebrews 11 to learn how important our faith is to God.

Be Blessed,


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