Book Spotlight: Lucy Doesn’t Wear Pink (Faithgirlz / A Lucy Novel)

This delightful novel for middle grade readers (ages 9 – 12) is the first in a series of four books in the Faithgirlz universe. Lucy Doesn’t Wear Pink introduces us to the title character Lucy, a middle schooler in New Mexico who is trying to fit in at school and adjust to life after a devastating accident which killed her mother and blinded her father. Navigating the challenges of teenage life alongside Lucy is a group of unlikely friends thrown together by the game of soccer, an unusual teacher and a Nanny she thinks she will never get along with. While her earthly father is the rock in Lucy’s world, she learns increasingly to reach out to and ultimately depend on her heavenly Father by journaling her thoughts and feelings in a notebook left behind by her Mom.  

The Lucy series made me laugh, cry and ponder some deep life issues. It may be written primarily for younger readers, but I believe readers of all ages can benefit from the embedded lessons. Check out this series for a refreshing breath of light, laughter and inspiration.

Other Books in the Series are:

Lucy Out of Bounds

Lucy’s Perfect Summer

Lucy Finds Her Way

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