Treasure in Earthen Vessels

 treasure in earthen vessels

There is a popular chorus in my home country, which contains the following lyrics:

All glory must be to the Lord

Only He is worthy of all praise

No man on earth should give glory to himself

All the glory must be (2x)

All glory must be to the Lord

We recall from last time that “Surrender is the ultimate act of worship, for it requires the understanding that God is our All, and without Him we are nothing.”

The point here is not to devalue humanity, but to recognize the true source of our value. God created man in His image (Gen 1:27), and in doing so, breathed into his nostrils the life that allowed man to become a living person (Gen 2:7).

Let’s absorb that truth for a moment. Without the breath of God, man is dust. Therefore, man’s personality, talents, achievements, his very essence can be defined as the treasure of God’s breath contained earthen (dust) vessels (2 Cor 4:7). Man is designed as a vessel to contain and project the treasure of God’s glory.

So, we give back to Him that which has belonged to Him from the very beginning – all glory must be to the Lord. Not because God is an egomaniac, but because this is the essence of man’s design; humanity cannot handle God’s glory without becoming corrupted, for that would be operating outside the blueprint of our design. Life is God’s gift to us, to know and walk with Him; we are not intended to experience life outside of God; any such experience is corruption.

Join me next time as we explore this concept further.

Be blessed!


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