Adventures in Bilandia

Anjola and the Queen’s Tiara

“You can open your eyes now.” Anjola stared at the silver fish standing on its tail. Big round eyes stared from opposite sides of its head. “’re talking!” she stammered. “Everyone speaks in Bilandia.” “Bilandia?” Anjola suddenly realized she wasn’t in bed anymore. She was in a wood clearing surrounded by tall oak trees. Instead… Continue reading Anjola and the Queen’s Tiara


The Heart of the Matter

I love the Old Testament. In it, the Red Sea parted (Exodus 14), walls came tumbling down (Joshua 5-6), the Sun and Moon stood still (Joshua 10) and a giant was slain (1 Samuel 17). Still in its pages, we see fire falling from heaven (1 Kings 18) and men saved from a burning furnace… Continue reading The Heart of the Matter