In April of 1521, a biblical scholar stood before an assembly of the Holy Roman Empire led by King Charles V. The theologian had recently been excommunicated by Pope Leo X for a series of writings. When charged by the king to recant his messages, Martin Luther boldly declared that he would be swayed by Scripture alone. If God’s word did not contradict his writings, then neither would he.

Luther’s decision to stay true to his beliefs despite the threat of execution triggered the reformation of the church. Inspired by his faith, believers across Europe gained courage to renew their devotion to the Scriptures. Even today, his legacy lives on.

Many years before, another young man stood in a royal court and made a choice which set in motion the turnaround of Israel’s captivity. Daniel’s decision to separate himself from Babylon’s defilements (Daniel 1:8) positioned him to display God’s power and positively influence the Chaldean and Persian kings. Eventually, one of these kings issued a decree for God’s people to return home and rebuild (Ezra 1:1-4).

The choices we make determine the course of our lives. Choices that honor God have the power to impact history. What will you choose today?

Key verse: But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine (Daniel 1:8).

Do you consistently make choices that honor God? How can you ensure that you always choose God’s best?


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