Devotionals for All Ages


In April of 1521, a biblical scholar stood before an assembly of the Holy Roman Empire led by King Charles V. The theologian had recently been excommunicated by Pope Leo X for a series of writings. When charged by the king to recant his messages, Martin Luther boldly declared that he would be swayed by… Continue reading Choices


The Heart of the Matter

I love the Old Testament. In it, the Red Sea parted (Exodus 14), walls came tumbling down (Joshua 5-6), the Sun and Moon stood still (Joshua 10) and a giant was slain (1 Samuel 17). Still in its pages, we see fire falling from heaven (1 Kings 18) and men saved from a burning furnace… Continue reading The Heart of the Matter

God of New Beginnings

God of New Beginnings: “A People Reborn”

In a stunning fulfillment of prophecy declared 150 years earlier by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 44:28), King Cyrus of Persia proclaimed that God’ people (now broadly known as Jews) should return to their homeland and rebuild God’s temple (Ezra 1:1-4). So up went the tribal leaders, priests and Levites who felt God’s urging to execute… Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “A People Reborn”