Devotionals for All Ages


In April of 1521, a biblical scholar stood before an assembly of the Holy Roman Empire led by King Charles V. The theologian had recently been excommunicated by Pope Leo X for a series of writings. When charged by the king to recant his messages, Martin Luther boldly declared that he would be swayed by… Continue reading Choices

God of New Beginnings

God of New Beginnings: “A People Reborn”

In a stunning fulfillment of prophecy declared 150 years earlier by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 44:28), King Cyrus of Persia proclaimed that God’ people (now broadly known as Jews) should return to their homeland and rebuild God’s temple (Ezra 1:1-4). So up went the tribal leaders, priests and Levites who felt God’s urging to execute… Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “A People Reborn”