Anjola and the Queen’s Tiara

“You can open your eyes now.” Anjola stared at the silver fish standing on its tail. Big round eyes stared from opposite sides of its head. “’re talking!” she stammered. “Everyone speaks in Bilandia.” “Bilandia?” Anjola suddenly realized she wasn’t in bed anymore. She was in a wood clearing surrounded by tall oak trees. Instead … Continue reading Anjola and the Queen’s Tiara

God of New Beginnings: “Foreshadowing Easter”

Daniel served prominently in the Babylonian court for decades, gaining the favor of one king after the other. Eventually, his counterparts got fed up - Daniel’s exceptional qualities were making the rest of them look bad. Seeing no other way to trip him up, a bold plan was hatched to attack him on the subject … Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “Foreshadowing Easter”

God of New Beginnings: “What Next?”

No sooner did Daniel and his friends arrive in Babylon than they were cherry picked to serve in the royal court. Over the course of an intensive three year training period, they were to eat from the king’s table, learn the language and literature of the Chaldeans and even obtain new identities. No question about … Continue reading God of New Beginnings: “What Next?”