“Banke, is there something on our faces?” Dad laughed over dinner. “You’ve been staring at your mom and me since we left church!”

            “I told you she was weird,” smirked Lanre, Banke’s younger brother.

            “Sorry,” Banke said with a shamefaced smile. “I’ve been thinking about something Pastor Yemi said during youth service today.”

            “Do tell,” Mom said, serving beef stew over her jollof rice.

            “He said that people who’ve been married for a while tend to start looking alike because of all the time they spend together,” Banke said. “Only I don’t think he and Deaconess Tayo look that similar. So I wondered if maybe you would since you’ve been married longer.”

            “And what’s your verdict?” Dad asked.

            “I think Banke looks like her phone because she’s always using it,” giggled Lanre.

            “Behave, Lanre!” Mom scolded. “Before you answer that, Banke, would you say that your Dad and I behave alike?”

            “Yes!” Banke replied. “I was just thinking that you two don’t look very much alike either, but I can always expect you to do or say the same things.”

            “Like clean our rooms and do our homework,” Lanre put in helpfully.

            “That’s right,” Dad nodded. “You mom and I are pretty much on the same page these days, but that wasn’t always the case.”

            “Really?” Banke asked in surprise.

            “Really. It took time and getting to know one another better to bring us to a point where you now think we act alike.”

            “It’s just like our memory verse from Corinthians last month,” Mom added. “The one that says we are transformed into God’s image the more we spend time beholding or contemplating him. Just as people who spend a lot of time together start looking or acting alike, we also start looking or acting more like God the more time we spend praying or reading His word.”

            “I have noticed that Pastor Yemi and Deaconess Tayo like the same songs and often talk about the same things,” Banke said. “His message makes more sense to me now. And I want to act like Jesus, so I’ll try to spend more time with him and less with my phone!”

Reference Text: 2 Corinthians 3:13-18


2 thoughts on “Transformed

  1. lovesetfree3

    Beautiful illustration

    ❤ this line:

    ~“I think Banke looks like her phone because she’s always using it,” giggled Lanre.~

    So true for today… such is the times.

    Glad to learn of your blog today!

    ::Peace & Blessings::


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