Worthy By His Power

Lola and her parents applauded as the founder of a Nigerian charity was honored by a global media network for her contributions to society.

            “Her family must be so proud,” Mom said with a smile.

            Dad nodded. “I know I would be!”

            “I want to be like her when I grow up,” Lola chimed in. “If I’m as worthy as she is, I could be head girl at school one day, not just class captain!” For a moment, Lola’s eyes sparkled at the thought, but then her shoulders slumped. “Who am I kidding? I’ll never be good enough for anything like that.”

            “Whoa, what’s all this?” Mom asked in surprise.  She listened closely as Dad explained Lola’s misadventures as class captain in school earlier that day.

            “See?” Lola sighed when Dad was done. “I knew I should have waited until recess to read Dami’s note, but she writes the funniest things, and I just couldn’t help myself.  What if that happens again next time I’m chosen to be class captain?”

            “Quite right,” Mom nodded. “Chances are you’ll do the same again next time.”

            “Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mom!”

            “However,” Mom continued with a laugh, “there’s someone who can help you do the right or worthy thing next time, and every other time after that.”

            “You and Dad won’t always be there to help me,” Lola began.

            “No, we won’t,” Mom agreed. “But Jesus is. He sent the Holy Spirit to help and guide us through life. When we follow His leading, the Holy Spirit connects us to Jesus, and enables us to abide in Him.

            “That’s right,” Dad put in. “In fact, Jesus said that without Him, we can do nothing; only by His power can we live the lives He’s called us to.”

            “So,” Lola said, “God doesn’t expect me to be worthy all by myself? And Jesus will empower me to live worthy of the great things I am called or chosen for?”

            “Now you’re getting it,” Mom smiled.  “The key is to abide in Him by His Spirit.”

            “Phew,” Lola exclaimed. “Thank God!”

Reference Text: John 15:3-5

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