A Baby’s Cry

Derin laughed and tickled harder as Moji’s baby sister giggled with delight. “Oh my goodness, she is so cute!”

            “Yeah, yeah,” Moji yawned. “I’m sick of everyone going on about how cute Lola is. They don’t hear her screaming the house down or have to deal with her dirty diapers. I’ll be glad when I can sleep uninterrupted again at night!”

            “Okay grumpy,” Derin said. “What’s going on with you? I thought you were excited to have a sister?

            “That was before I knew how annoying babies are,” Moji replied. “All she seems to do is cry and poop.”

            Just then, Lola scrunched up her face and let out a smelly fart. Then she opened her mouth and yelled.

            “Pooh!” Moji swatted at the air. “Now, you see what I have to deal with every day!”

            “What’s the matter, honey?” Moji’s mom hurried in to pick up the howling baby. “You have big sis and cousin Derin right here.”

            “She was fine just a minute ago, Aunty,” said Derin.  “Maybe she’s hungry now.”

            “Please make her stop,” Moji muttered.  “I can’t take any more noise today.”

“Derin dear, could you please grab that Bible and read Psalm 8, verse 2?”

            “Yes, Aunty.” Derin turned to the passage and read aloud. “Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you; toddlers shout the songs that drown out enemy talk and silence atheist babble.Wow! What does that mean?”

            “It means that what we hear as ‘noise’ when babies cry is considered majestic praise in heaven,” said her Aunt.

            Moji frowned. “That doesn’t make sense. Babies don’t even know what music is.”

            “I think I understand,” Derin said. “Our Sunday School teacher once taught about how human life is miraculous, especially when you understand how babies are formed. So that means every sound they make is evidence that God exists.”

            “That’s exactly right,” Moji’s mom said, laying Lola back down in the crib. “Arguments that God doesn’t exist pretty much fall apart when you hear a baby’s cry.”

            “That is pretty amazing,” Moji admitted. She pinched Lola’s cheek. “Go on, baby sis, declare God’s praises!”

Reference Text: Psalm 8

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