Lord, Save Our Children! 2

A prayer for our children and the media/entertainment they consume.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your tender love and care for children. You said that no one should prevent them from coming to you and woe to those who would try! Today, Lord we lift up before You the world of media and entertainment that sometimes seemed designed to do just that. The enemy seeks to entice these ones with activities and content crafted to overwhelm their minds and drown out Your voice from their hearts. Mighty God, shatter the traps laid by the evil one so that they do not ensnare your children and cause them to believe the lies of the enemy. Fill these young hearts and minds with Your truth and love so that they immediately recognize the enemy arrows and are empowered to deflect them with the shield of faith in You.

Adonai, we pray that You would shine your light and dispel the darkness which permeates much of media and entertainment today. Breathe your breath upon those you have called to portray  life and goodness in content which targets the children of the world. In doing so, may death and oppression flee before You, and may the lives of our children be transformed. Reveal Yourself to these ones whose Angels ever stand before You and draw them into Your presence. May Your will and purpose for each one be accomplished, and their destinies not stolen or snuffed out by the one who hates them.

And Father, we ask for the parents to whom You have entrusted these ones, that we will be examples of life and light in our media choices. Help us not to be ensnared by these same traps. May we walk in agreement with You, surrendering our entertainment to Your will. By Your grace, may we train up these young ones in the way they should go so that even when they are older, they will not depart from the path of life everlasting.

Thank you for hearing our prayer, Lord, and for sending us help from on high because we ask in Your Name, in accordance with Your will.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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