The Tenacious Faith of Israel’s Patriarchs Part III

Not only did Joseph know he was a favored son, he made sure everyone else did as well – including his increasingly envious brothers. Eventually, jealousy boiled over and his brothers sold him into slavery, while telling their father Israel that Joseph had been devoured by wild animals (Gen 37).

Ending up in Egypt, Joseph embraced humility and faith in God despite this dramatic reversal of his fortunes. He served Potiphar faithfully as a servant, even refusing the advances of his master’s wife (Gen 39: 6-12).  Despite Joseph’s loyalty to Potiphar, he was thrown in prison on a baseless charge. Still, Joseph did not waver in faith. Before long, he prospered again in the midst of unfavorable circumstances and was elevated to the position of head prisoner (Gen 39: 13-23).

A glimmer of hope presented itself when Joseph accurately interpreted the dreams of two fellow prisoners; however, this faded when his former prison mate promptly forgot about him (Gen 40).

Then, God stepped in. This time, Pharaoh had two dreams which needed interpreting and only Joseph was granted divine revelation in the entire land of Egypt. This made such a powerful impression on Pharaoh that he promoted Joseph to the highest position in Egypt after himself (Gen 41). And just like that, Joseph’s fortunes were once again dramatically reversed.

When all was said and done, Joseph was joyfully reunited with his father and now repentant brothers (Gen 42-46). God rewarded the tenacious faith of Israel and Joseph in a spectacular display of His sovereignty.

Abraham, Isaac, Israel and Joseph each experienced more than their fair share of adversity and trials. Yet they stand as heroes of faith because they held on to God through it all.  May this be our testimony in Jesus Name.

Be blessed,


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