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The Tenacious Faith of Israel’s Patriarchs Part I

We often hear about the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. Today, I’d like to add Joseph to that illustrious list. Why? I believe he displayed the same type of tenacious faith which characterized the lives of his forefathers. Abraham waited until he was 100 years old before God’s great promise for his life… Continue reading The Tenacious Faith of Israel’s Patriarchs Part I

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The Lord Who Provides

In Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles of Prydain fantasy series, the hybrid manbeast Gurgi is gifted with an enchanted wallet that never runs out of food. Gurgi is thrilled with the gift and seizes every opportunity to share its contents with his companions as they embark upon their various quests. Factoring into Gurgi’s enthusiasm and pride… Continue reading The Lord Who Provides