Spirit Walkers: Living from the Inside Out


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Old Testament, with its larger than life feats and breathtaking miracles.  From Israel’s dramatic exodus to the sun standing still to slaying giants, lions and bears and heavenly fire falling, there is enough to thrill even the biggest seeker.  In my eyes, some of the most fantastic tales of all times can be found right in the first part of the Bible, huge chunks of it being even stranger than fiction.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drum up quite the same enthusiasm for the New Testament.  Don’t get me wrong – I appreciated the rich store of memory Bible verses and passages that speak to life’s most intimate battles.  Yet, I felt it just lacked excitement, somehow.  The scenery had transformed from the rugged days of old to life that is more familiar to what we know today, and that seemed to diminish the magic of it all.

Deeply troubled by my inability to click with the New Testament in the same manner as I did the Old, I cried out to God for insight.  And sure enough, our faithful God came through, granting me a new perspective.

Whereas the Old Testament contains glimpses of the Divine, or sporadic instances of God’s direct intervention in the human experience, the New Testament explodes with a new revelation.  Jesus’ appearance on the scene turned life upside down to those who knew and heard Him.  Long held beliefs and traditions were challenged as the Messiah spoke of concepts which the human mind struggled to grasp.  Some of His words were so obtuse, many of His followers turned away despite the miraculous signs He displayed.

I too had been turning away, discouraged by a lack of understanding.  But then it hit me.  Jesus was demonstrating an entirely different approach to life.  Instead of taking only occasional dips into the divine, He showed us how to walk permanently therein.  By getting in touch with our spiritual selves and the reality in which they dwell, we effectively direct events in the physical or ‘seen’ realm.  Jesus turned things upside down because He taught how to live life from the inside out.

We often quote verses that say things like the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, or that whatever we bind/loose on earth is bound/loosed in heaven.  But what do these words really mean?  Do they affect how we live life on a day to day basis?  They should.  But not without a transformation of the mind.

Lord, help us not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in and through your word In Jesus Name.

Be blessed,


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