Meet Remi

My earliest firm memories originate in London, where I discovered the joys of reading under the tutelage of Miss Rime, my elementary school teacher. I still remember the excitement of becoming literate, an emotion which blossomed into a life-long passion.

As a pre-teen living in Kenya, I encountered the literary genius of Enid Blyton, and words began taking me to new dimensions. I didn’t just read about the adventures of The Famous Five, Amelia Jane, Brer Rabbit, The Magic Faraway Tree, and The Naughtiest Girl in the School; the characters came to life, and I was drawn into their various worlds.  My voracious reading appetite amused friends and family alike.  The verdict was in – I was officially a story hound.

After I came to know Jesus, I developed a growing fascination with His Word.  It was fun to dig in and unearth layers of meaning in a single text.  Then I discovered John Eldredge’s The Sacred Romance and  Waking the Dead.  Suddenly, my eyes opened to the incredible truth that life itself is a great adventure, and the Bible one amazing story recorded to guide us along the way.  Since then, I have been inspired and challenged by writers like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien who have followed Jesus’ supreme example by translating spiritual truths into stories.

This is who I am.  Created with a passion to illuminate God’s story, which after all, is your story and mine too.



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