Devotionals for All Ages, Kid Friendly Devotionals


Acts 12:1-18 Would the curse of Herod ever break? Rhoda shivered slightly in the midnight chill and tugged at her wrap with one hand while the other clutched a water pitcher. She navigated the room, stepping around the friends and family of her mistress who had gathered in the house to pray for Peter –… Continue reading Victorious!

Kid Friendly Devotionals

Taking God Seriously

“How was youth group today?” Dad asked Morenike as the family walked to the car after service. “Fine. I guess,” Morenike replied. “You guess?” Mom smiled. “That doesn’t sound very convincing.” Morenike smiled back. “It was good, but there’s something I don’t quite understand.” “Uh-oh, here comes the philosopher again,” laughed Debo, Morenike’s twin brother.… Continue reading Taking God Seriously


Christos Anesti – Christ is Risen!

Matthew 27:55 – 28:7 It was now the third day. The man sat in his cave and pondered what he’d seen. He had watched as two men took Jesus’ body, placed it in a nearby tomb and rolled a large stone across the entrance. He was still there when a group of Roman soldiers came… Continue reading Christos Anesti – Christ is Risen!


Tetelestai – It Is Finished!

Matthew 27:45-54 TETELESTAI!!! Rocks and tombs broke apart as the reverberating cry shook heaven and earth. The man felt the ground quiver and heard the shuddering roar of ruptured stone. Dense darkness bore down as he opened his eyes from what felt like a long, deep sleep. His body felt heavy. Faint memories of past… Continue reading Tetelestai – It Is Finished!


Lord, Save Our Children!

Almighty Father, we thank for the precious gift of children and the blessings that they lavish upon our lives. We recognize your tender affection for these little ones, through whom your name is glorified in the miracle of new life. Open our hearts to love these ones as you do; enlighten the eyes of our… Continue reading Lord, Save Our Children!