Weapons of Our Warfare (WOOW): PRAYING THE WORD OF GOD

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So far in our WOOW series, we’ve looked at Prayer and the Word of God separately as weapons of warfare. Today, we’ll be talking about a WOOW Combo – i.e. combining the two weapons of Prayer and the Word in our ongoing fight against the enemy of our souls.

In Acts 4, we see the fledgling church threatened by the religious leaders responsible for orchestrating Jesus’ crucifixion. Just when they thought they’d put the Messiah out of commission, He resurrected and His disciples sprang up filled with the Holy Spirit and a renewed zeal to share the gospel. After Peter’s sermon led to 3,000 converts, and then God used him and John to heal a 40 yr old lame beggar at the Temple, the chief priests had them seized and arrested.

Furious that the irrepressible duo used this opportunity to preach Jesus yet again, the religious leaders gave them a stern warning to cease and desist and then let them go. After all, they couldn’t risk the ire of the crowd by bringing direct harm to them.

Upon their release, Peter and John went back to the other disciples and reported all that had happened. Even though the chief priests were treading lightly, they still posed a risk to the believers and the church. So what did the disciples do? They prayed. What did they pray? The word of God (Acts 4:24-26). And “after they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly” (Acts 4:31)

Halleluyah! This WOOW Combo resulted in a physical manifestation of God’s glory descending, with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to boot. Nothing in the Bible is there by accident…if the disciples prayed the Word and got those spectacular results, we should be doing and expecting the same.

Now, let’s go and get our Word Prayer Combo on!

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2 thoughts on “Weapons of Our Warfare (WOOW): PRAYING THE WORD OF GOD

  1. I read the devotion today in “Our Daily Bread” about acoustic astronomy. I had never heard of this. Then I read all on Psalms 19. What a glorious discovery from both. Thanks for your insight. Juli in NC


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